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Under Town's Skin

Year: 2019

Under Town's Skin

The work is response to the issues of migration, refugees and the sense of belonging. The experience of moving to a new country and finding a balance between adapting to a new culture, in the concepts of community.

 I focused on the body in a public space, the position and role of the body is a crucial element and uncovers different layers and meanings of the city space. 

This constant dialogue between the body and space is not always understood or harmonious, it could be disturbing, interrupting and disconnecting.

I became interested in the diversity of people from diverse places with different languages across the world and how the community manages to keep them connected with all the difficulty they go through entering a new country, immigrants have to deal with certain terms and conditions and working through complex processes. 

The game (hopscotch) is a representation of one we use to play during our childhood, it was a test of our an ability and accuracy, to keep the balance while jumping from one block to another, passing the border put us in that test again, we are playing the same game but this time in the scale of our lives, recalling these memories we are still struggling for stability, to remembering how to keep the balance we play the game again and again. The numbers of the original game are replaced by the worlds to reflect a sense of belonging. 

The aim of the game is to show a modern audience the difficulties of those transitioning to a new place/country and helping people to connect to each other. This project looks at Glasgow as a creative welcoming multicultural place and tries to demonstrate how learning even one world from other languages no matter how we speak it, is still a bridge between the gap.

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