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Social Practice

I am dedicated to collaborative and community-based work, very much motivated by the politics of diaspora and contemporary human condition, cultural identity, and displacement. I am also seeking to use art and collaboration to understand our placement in a shifting global political landscape. 

As a freelance artist I have prioritised working with communities to brainstorm and organise safe accessible spaces for connection and collaboration between cultural institutions like galleries, museums, artist initiative organisation and communities, towards the goal of working more sustainable world systems and accessibility. 


In 2020 I co-founded an initiative called Distanced Assemblage; under the joint name I have developed series of projects with cultural organisations and communities and facilitate socially engaged activities and currently seeking opportunities to deliver programmes within a leading arts organisation.  Our goal is to make a positive impact in the wellbeing and visibility of people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds by providing opportunities to engage in art making.

Remembering The Future
CWIN 2023
Gathering Stitch
Alternative Track
Rediscovering the Antonine Wall in Falkirk
Little Amal_ We Are Mighty
Memories Of Elsewhere
Original & Fake Quaichs
Imagined Lantern House
Museum of Things
Moment of Peace
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