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Remembering The Future

Year: 2022 - 2023

Remembering The Future

Remembering the Future is a participatory art project of co-creation with different age groups from diverse cultural backgrounds, exploring the place of socially engaged art in relation to migration and social change. It recognises the impact of isolation and thedifficulties developing social contact beyond a familiar cultural community.

Together we are investigating how socially engaged art can help develop a new understanding and response to issues facing our society, and how participants find benefit from being in a community arts project.


These questions are linked to the intrinsic role of the arts as providers of visibility. Arts transform the meaning of objects and actions by contextualising elements within human problems, bringing to the surface what was previously invisible. At the same time, a peek into our human fragility and the intersubjectivity of our problems and social perceptions.

Helping to evaluate what we understand as injustice, precarity, helplessness and emergency by giving a voice to silence.

Over the course of my research, I examine the challenges facing communities with the goal of developing new understanding and responses in relation to issues facing migrants. Explore the notions of belonging and place ownership as a means to construct and strengthen community bonds through developing skills, inclusion, and collaboration.

April 2022- August 2023 Residency

Govanhill Baths Community Trust Culture Collective ‘Occupy’.

Find out more about this project here.

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