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Measuring The Distance

Year: 2022

Measuring The Distance

Uprooted Visions

Edinburgh Print Maker

2nd April – 2nd July Exhibition

2022 December Residency

Measuring the Distance Is a reflective process, a conversation between myself and my mum which exists only in the moment and reflects on social and political issues, a tracing of a conversation in the mind that fades like a distant memory. I attempted to represent humanitarian progress in society and to negotiate national identity through the Etching technique. 


There is a circulatory nature to this work that revisits themes using a variety of techniques and methods. Unifying patterns extracted from travel documents represent the containment and barriers experienced during the British citizenship process as well as restrictions on movement by borders.


I use embossing techniques to capture a minimal aesthetic and convey my ideas in a more implied context and immersive environment. The hopeful positive exception of connection is completely disrupted by the embossing process and represents conflicting emotions while simultaneously alluding to attraction and repulsion, fear and fascination. 


The heads Positioned in this way appear to be pushing out of their confinement on the paper. 

By using myself and my mum’s hair as a material in the print process I represent unrestrained femininity. This metaphorically implies a hidden unexposed feeling of hostility and discontent experienced by women in the present-day Iranian social and political revolutionary movement.

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