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Mass Movement

Year: 2016

Mass Movement

This project consists of multiple works including photographs, sounds, contemporary stitching, and print. The images I produce interpret the rich stories of migrants , thoughts. To explore feeling of  nostalgia by recording the memories of the people I encounter Through project. I function as a translator, conveying the meaning of one culture to the other as I find a visual language to communicate the sensibilities I aim to push the boundaries of embroidery through the use of materials and methods, to break the preconceptions of textiles. There is a strong motif and message conveyed by each piece.

I want those who experience my art to question their position and beliefs in relation to the movement of people. I want to challenge deeply held notions that can all to often result in this issue being seen in black and white, good or bad. To breakdown current thinking and help reconstruct a better understanding of this complex process.

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