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Textile and Activism

Year: 2018 -2019


The project involved working with women from the Sakinah Group based in the Al Meezan Centre (Dumbreck) to explore women’s activism in Britain over the past century, with particular focus on the women’s suffrage movement.  

The Sakinah (which means peace in Arabic) group comprises largely of women from Pakistan and India who migrated to Scotland in the 60’s and 70’s who traditionally wear the head scarf or Dupatta draped over the head.  The women are skilled in textile and embroidery work – something they were taught when growing up as young girls. 

We wanted the project to allow the women to use existing skills, while learning how to work in new creative ways with textiles, to create a meaningful and symbolic piece of art work.

The project allowed the women to engage in creative learning to explore the historical women who campaigned for women’s rights.  This in turn helped them in their self-development and understand the importance of having their voice heard and becoming leaders of their own lives.  

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