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Alternative Track

Year: 2022

Alternative Tracks

Alternative Tracks is a collection of artworks produced collaboratively by groups from diverse cultural backgrounds in Edinburgh. This exhibition, presents a collection of artworks created by the groups that have participated in the project up to date, focusing on the theme of 'belonging', Edinburgh’s urban space and the groups’ stories of migration. The project began in April with making workshops in Haymarket and Stockbridge, moving to Pilton over the summer.

The works in the exhibition were made using different printmaking techniques, including screen-printing, stencil printing, cyanotype, linocut and block printing, which interweave with collage, embroidery and sculpture. These artworks embody different perspectives and conversations, while holding space for seldom heard voices within the public realm.

Alternative Tracks has given each group the opportunity to experience a creative process in a way that is meaningful to them, where their own experiences provide inspiration for making new artworks, developing creative skills and connecting in different ways to the places where they now live.

Alternative Tracks is presented as part of Edinburgh Printmakers' programme In from the Margins, and has been developed in partnership with The Welcoming.

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