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Imagined Lantern House

Year: 2020

Imagined Lantern House

This exciting project was part of the International Refugee Week, themed ‘Imagine’ for the 2020 edition. We invited adults and children of all ages to create a paper lantern house to share their solidarity with refugees and asylum seekers during the difficult times generated by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Many refugees and asylum seekers were displaced from their accommodations in Glasgow due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Moreover, financial support stopped and was replaced with communal meals, eaten alongside others despite the risk this represented to their health, both physical and mental. 

Sadly, such government measures became commonplace across the world amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Moreover, due to restrictions imposed across Europe, support groups and officials struggled to provide  food and shelter for migrants and asylum seekers sleeping outdoors. Many refugees found themselves more vulnerable than ever, enduring life without proper sanitation and food shortages.

We believe that connected communities are more resilient against political and  global adversities and small creative actions can have an enormous positive impact on the awareness, visibility and tackling of social problems so to bring change. Although Refugee Week 2020 is over, you can still join this small, creative act of solidarity; please follow instructions on our get involved section bellow.

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