Exhibitions / Commitions :


" Iranian Ancient" 

                                2015 -  RFS week,  The Arches, Glasgow, Scotland 

                                2015 - Maryhill Burgh Hal, Glasgow, Scotland 

                                2016 - Burrell Collection, Glasgow, Scotland 

                                2016 - Paisley Museum, Glasgow, Scotland 


  2016 -"Unearthed", Exhibition, Perth "Solas festival", Pert, Scotland 


  2017- "Mass Movement", RFS week, Weave Festival, Paisley City of culture, Paisley Art Centre, Renfrewshire, Scotland 




2020-" In -Between", Studio Pavilion (House of Art Lover), Collaboration with School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland

2019- 33 1/3: part of Mewantemooseicd, Collaboration with Glasgow  School of Art, Glasgow, Scotland

2019-"Get Liminal", The old police station,  Collaboration with Glasgow  School of Art, Deptford, London

2018-"Foggy windows", Old hairdressers,  Collaboration with Glasgow  School of Art,  Glasgow, Scotland


2017-"The route we thread"Collaboration Exhibition with Arpita shah

                                - MANY Studios, Glasgow, Scotland 

                                - paisley Art Centre, Renfrewshire, Scotland 


2016 - " Textile  Exhibition", Clydebank Collage, Drygate Glasgow, Scotland 






 2018- ‘Processions’, produced by the Scottish Refugee Council and commissioned by Artichoke as part of 100 years of women's vote






 2017Many studios