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Paria Goodarzi,  born and grew up in Tehran, lives and work in Glasgow and a member of UNESCO RILA  Affiliated Artist network. Studied BA (Hons)Textile Design from University of Science & Culture in Tehran (2004), HND Textile from Cardonald college in Glasgow (2016), she studies Sculpture & Environmental Art at Glasgow School of Art (2021). 


Her Work revolves around cultural and political transfers and translocations, the ideas of the contemporary human condition, cultural identity and political issues that resulted in an ambivalent coexistence of civilised life, conflict and displacement.

Paria Goodarzi's work responds to such contemporary, cultural and political aporias by examining the hybrid condition of our society and the processes of formation, performance and representation of identity through a multidisciplinary praxis that often takes the shape of collaborative, participatory and socially-engaged artworks.

She co-founded an art initiative under the name ‘Distanced Assemblage’, focused on community and socially engaged art practice; developing a series of collaborative projects that examine ideas of cultural appropriation and belonging by altering the meaning, function and contexts of cultural artefacts, symbols or actions to make a positive impact in the long-term wellbeing and visibility of minority groups within our ever-changing society.

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